Financial Institutions

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Financial Institutions
Number/Date   Subject
FI-18-001 Timelines for Statutory Approval Applications
FI-17-001 Information Required Of Directors, Senior Officers, Subscribers, and Shareholders
FI-16-001 Name Requests by Non-Financial Institutions
FI-13-001 Storing and Processing Information Outside of Canada


Credit Unions
Number/Date   Subject

Credit Union Constitution and Rules Amendments


Consent To Credit Union Acquisition: Application Requirements


Consent To Credit Union Amalgamation: Application Requirements


Access to Statutory Adequate Liquid Assets


Application for Consent to Continue a Credit Union to the Federal Credit Union Regime

CU-16-001 Use of Deposit Agents
CU-14-002 Use of Deposit Agents

Identification of Central 1 as a Domestic Systemically Important Financial Institution
Letter and Appendix Included

Aug 2017 - Revised Requirements

CU-12-001 Supervisory Framework
CU-2007-01 Non Income Qualifying Mortgages and Criminal Activity 
CU-2006-01 Formation of a Credit Union in British Columbia 
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Trust Companies
Number/Date   Subject
TR-20-001 Filing Requirements for BC Incorporated Trust Companies
TR-18-002 Incorporating a Trust Company and Obtaining a Business Authorization in British Columbia
TR-18-001 Obtaining a Business Authorization to Operate an Extraprovincial Trust Corporation in British Columbia
TR-17-001 Replaced by TR-20-001
TR-15-001 Advisory regarding Changes to the Board and Senior Management
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Insurance Companies
Number/Date   Subject
INS-20-003 Charitable Donation of Life Insurance Policies in British Columbia
INS-20-002 Filing Requirements for BC Incorporated Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
INS-20-001 Filing Requirements for BC Incorporated Life Insurance Companies and Fraternal Benefit Societies
INS-19-001 New Pensions, Mortgage Broker, and Insurance Company Fee Structures
INS-18-010 Replaced by INS-20-002
INS-18-009 Replace by INS-20-001
INS-18-008 Renewal of Registration of a Captive Insurance Company
INS-18-007 Incorporating an Insurance Company and Obtaining a Business Authorization in British Columbia
INS-18-006 Registering a Captive Insurance Company
INS-18-005 Ceasing Business or Winding Up a Captive Insurance Company
INS-18-004 Application for Voluntary Revocation of Insurance Business Authorization
INS-18-003 Amending a Business Authorization for British Columbia Incorporated Insurance Companies And Extraprovincial Insurance Corporations
INS-18-002 Renewal of Reciprocal Exchange Permit
INS-18-001 Obtaining a Business Authorization to Operate an Extraprovincial Insurance Corporation In British Columbia
INS-17-001 Replaced by INS-18-009
INS-16-001 Replaced by INS-18-010
INS-15-002 Creditor's Group Insurance
INS-15-001 Advisory regarding Changes to the Board and Senior Management
INS-14-004 Procedure for Exceeding Regulatory Limits on Reinsurance
INS-14-003 Replaced by INS-17-001
INS-14-002 Replaced by INS-16-001
INS-14-001 Glass Repair or Replacement Contracts
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INS-13-002 Storing and Processing Information Outside of Canada
INS-13-001 OSFI Guideline B-9 Adoption
INS-12-006 2013 Minimum Continuing Capital and Surplus Requirement
INS-12-005 2013 Minimum Capital Test Guideline
INS-12-004 Proposed Changes to OSFI B-9 Guide
INS-12-003 Legislative Changes to Insurance Classes Regulations (revised)
INS-12-002 Supervisory Framework
INS-12-001 2012 Minimum Capital Test (MCT) Guideline
INS-11-007 Risk Exposure Survey European Fiscal Issues
INS-11-006 Personal Information Return Filing Requirements;
INS-11-005 Collecting and Using Client Information
INS-11-004 Frequency Of Stress Testing And Dynamic Capital Adequacy Tests (“DCAT”) For Insurance Companies
INS-11-003   Replaced by INS-14-003
INS-11-002   Replaced by INS-14-002
INS-11-001 International Financial Reporting Standards 1
(“IFRS 1”) – Fixed Dates For First Time Adopters
INS-10-008 Public Access to Financial Information
INS-10-007 2011 Minimum Capital Test (MCT) Guideline 
Revised June 14, 2011
INS-10-006 Final Guidelines For Conversion To International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS")
INS-10-005 Interest Rate Risk
INS-10-004 Key Principles: Canadian Regulatory Capital Framework – Property & Casualty Insurance
INS-10-003 OSFI Guideline D-10 – Accounting for Financial Instruments Designated as Fair Value Option
INS-10-002 Stress Testing and Dynamic Capital Adequacy Tests (“DCAT”) for Insurance Companies
INS-10-001 Insuring Risks In British Columbia – Amendments to the Financial Institutions Act
INS-09-001 Annual Appointed Actuary’s Report and Impact of HST
INS-07-003 Changes Affecting Insurers Authorized For Automobile Insurance In British Columbia
INS-06-001 Employee Benefit Plans
INS-06-006 The Adjusting Of Insurance Claims
INS-06-007 Disclosure of Identity Requirements
INS-06-008 Contractual Requirements Relating To Cancellation Of Life Insurance Policies
INS-06-009 Product and Vehicle Warranty Insurance
INS-06-010 Placement Of Risks With Unauthorized Insurers
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