Mortgage Brokers

Registration, Renewals, Transfers and Amendments

MB E-Filing

The Mortgage Broker Electronic Filing system is an electronic registration system which will enable currently registered mortgage brokers to:

  • Transfer in submortgage brokers from another mortgage broker or between branch offices
  • Terminate submortgage broker registrations
  • Amend the information (such as an email address or telephone number) of mortgage broker, including branch office, and submortgage broker registrations
  • Add new directors or terminate current directors
  • Add new directors or terminate current directors
  • Renew mortgage broker or submortgage broker registrations

Access the Mortage Broker Electronic Filing System

Submortgage Broker Renewal of Registration Education Requirements

Mortgage brokers and submortgage brokers are registered for two years, and registration must be renewed for additional two year periods at least 30 days prior to registration expiry.

Every submortgage or individual mortgage broker who operates as a sole proprietor or partner must satisfy renewal of registration education requirements prior to renewing or reinstating registration. 

Please refer to Bulletin 14-002 for education requirements at renewal or reinstatement of registration.