Mortgage Brokers

Information Bulletins

Release Date
12/17/2019 MB 19-001: New Pensions, Mortgage Broker, and Insurance Company Fee Structures
09/20/2016 MB 16-001: 2016/2017 Regulatory Update Advisory
10/01/2015 MB 15-001: Prohibited Mortgage Broker Fees
06/13/2014 MB 14-002: Continuing Education for Mortgage Brokers at Registration Renewal or Reinstatement
Replaces MB 12-004 and MB 10-002 (449kb~pdf)
02/13/2014 MB 14-001: Cease and Desist Order Against Northstone Investment Fund
03/06/2013 MB 13-001: Mortgage Investment Corporations � Clarifying Scope Of FICOM Regulation
08/29/2012 MB 12-003: Conditions Of Registration
06/15/2012 MB 12-002: Permitted Functions of Unregistered Assistants (177kb~pdf)
02/27/2012 MB 12-001: Record Keeping Requirements for Mortgage Brokers (177kb~pdf)
12/14/2011 MB 11-008: Mortgage Broker Registration Applications under the Mortgage Brokers Act (215kb~pdf)
09/01/2011 MB 11-006: Credit Card Payments For Registration Applications And Late Filing Fees (164kb~pdf)
07/15/2011 MB 11-005: Form 9 – Lender Disclosure Statement (226kb~pdf)
06/30/2011 MB 11-004:Licensing Reciprocity for Current Licensees in Other Provinces (172kb~pdf)
05/13/2011 MB 11-002: Individual Registration Applications: Suitability Reviews and Criminal Records Checks (217kb~pdf)
05/11/2011 MB 11-001: Obtaining Evidence of Consent From Persons to Search their Credit Bureaus (142kb~pdf)
09/16/2010 MB 10-007: Advance Fees and Deposits Held in Trust (145kb~pdf)
08/20/2010 MB 10-006: Guidelines on Publication of Orders, Decisions and Notices of Hearing on the Internet (230kb~pdf)
06/09/2010 MB 10-005: Co-Brokering: Requirement for both Mortgage Brokers in a Co-Brokering Arrangement to be Registered(176kb~pdf)
06/03/2010 MB 10-004: Mortgage Lead Generation: Requirement for Mortgage Broker Registration (175kb~pdf)
03/26/2010 MB 10-003: Confirmation of Identification for Criminal Record Checks (144kb~pdf)
01/26/2010 MB 10-001: Use And Protection Of Client Information (138kb~pdf)
11/05/2009 MB 09-005: New Powers Of The Registrar of Mortgage Brokers – Amendments To The Mortgage Brokers Act (220kb~pdf)
03/24/2009 MB 09-002: Education Requirements For Individuals Applying For Submortgage Broker Or Mortgage Broker Registration (223kb~pdf)
09/17/2008 MB 08-002: Registration Requirements For Mortgage Development Brokers Contracted By Financial Institution (170kb~pdf)
01/14/2008 MB 08-001: Making Mortgage Related Referrals (30kb~pdf)
07/26/2007 MB 07-005: Due Diligence of Mortgage Brokers Who Arrange Stated Income Mortgages (144kb~pdf)
01/31/2007 MB 07-003: Maximum Fees for Providing Executed Mortgage Discharges and Other Costs (186kb~pdf)
01/04/2007 MB 07-001: Due Diligence Required for Mortgage Brokers Hiring Submortgage Brokers (138kb~pdf)
07/26/2006 MB 06-002: Misleading Advertising and Requirements for Mortgage Loan Advertising (175kb~pdf)
07/26/2006 MB 06-001: New Borrower Disclosure Requirements Under The Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act (205kb~pdf)
12/01/2005 MB 05-001: Open Letter to Mortgage Brokers and Submortgage Brokers Regarding "Hanging Registrations" (172kb~pdf)
10/01/2004 MB 04-005: Misleading Information (348kb~pdf)
04/01/2004 MB 04-002: Conditions of Registration (142kb pdf)
04/01/2004 MB 04-001: Fees Payable Under The Mortgage Brokers Act (235kb pdf)
12/01/1996 MB 96-003: Advance Fee Scheme (139kb pdf)

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