Credit Union Regulatory Information

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Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information is comprised of Advisories, Regulatory Statements, and Guidelines.

  • Advisories

    Advisories provide information about emerging issues and regulatory matters that are material to the business activities of regulated entities.

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  • Regulatory Statements

    Regulatory Statements provide details on how entities (including non-regulated entities in some cases) must comply with legislative requirements.

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  • Guidelines

    Guidelines establish principles or practice guidance that regulated entities and individuals are expected to implement or follow.

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  • Disclaimer:

    As part of its transition to an integrated regulator for the financial services sector, BCFSA is undertaking a comprehensive review of existing regulatory instruments to standardize our approach to communicating information, expectations, and requirements to regulated entities. The work to review, revise and reclassify existing regulatory instruments (e.g. “bulletins”, “guides”, “policy statements”) is expected to be completed between August 2021 and 2023. In the interim, previously issued regulatory instruments will appear as originally published.