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    TITLE: Educational Requirements for a New Licence or to Renew a Licence 

    LEGISLATION: Real Estate Services Act (“RESA”) 

    DATE: August 1, 2021 

    DISTRIBUTION: All licensees under RESA 


This Regulatory Statement provides the education requirements for an application for a new licence or to renew a licence under the Real Estate Services Act (“RESA”). 

Background Information

Section 10 of RESA states that an applicant for a new licence or licence renewal must satisfy the Superintendent of Real Estate (the “Superintendent”) that they meet the qualification requirements to be licensed. Section 10 also provides the authority for the Superintendent to specify continuing education requirements to renew a licence. 

Section 123.1 of RESA provides that the Superintendent may establish fees for educational courses. 

Section 9 of the Real Estate Services Rules (the “Rules”) provides that an Applicant for a new licence must have completed the applicable licensing courses, as specified by the superintendent, respecting the real estate services in relation to which the application is made. 

RESA, the Real Estate Services Regulation, and the Rules provide additional requirements and authorities related to licensing, beyond those contained in this Regulatory Statement.  


Part 1 Applicable Licensing Courses Required to Apply for a New Licence  

To apply for a new licence, an applicant who is an individual must have successfully completed the licensing courses in the table below, as applicable to the category and/or level of level of licence to which the application relates: 

Category of Real Estate Services Representative Associate Broker or Managing Broker 
Trading Services 
Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Course 
Residential or Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course 
Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course 
Rental Property Management Services Rental Property Management Licensing Course Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course 
Strata Management Services Strata Property Management Licensing Course Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licensing Course 

Part 2 Continuing Education Courses Required to Apply to Renew a Licence  

In order to have a licence renewed, an applicant for licence renewal who is an individual must:  

  1. have completed the applicable continuing education courses respecting the real estate services and the level of licence in relation to which the application is made; and 
  2. have passed the examinations corresponding to those courses 

prior to the date the licence is renewed. 

The Superintendent’s required continuing education courses for all licence levels are listed below: 

  1. One Legal Update course respecting the real estate services to which the application is made must be completed during the two-year licence term in order to be eligible to renew a licence;  
  2. One applicable Ethics course must be completed during the two-year licence term in order to be eligible to renew a licence on or after October 1, 2020; and  
  3. The ‘Anti-Money Laundering in Real Estate’ course must be completed to renew a licence on or after April 1, 2020. 

Part 3 Fees for Educational Courses 

The table below provides the approved fees for education courses. 

  • Course TitleFee
    Real Estate Services Licensing Course $1,150 
    Real Estate Services Supplemental Licensing Course $775 
    Real Estate Services Licensing Course Examination (regularly scheduled exam sitting) $85 
    Real Estate Services Licensing Course Examination (computerized exam centre) $125 
    Trading Services Applied Practice Course (Residential or Commercial) $875 
    Licensing Exam Challenge Package $350 
    Broker’s Licensing Course $1,150 
    Broker’s Licensing Course Examination (regularly scheduled exam sitting) $85 
    Broker’s Licensing Course Examination (computerized exam centre) $125 
  • Course TitleFee
    Legal Update  $275 
    Anti-Money Laundering in Real Estate  $100 
    Ethics course $175 
  • Course TitleFee
    Remedial Real Estate Services Course $250 
    Rules Changes: Agency and Disclosure $75 
  • Fee
    Administrative fee (non-refundable, included in licensing and remedial education course and exam fees delivered by the Real Estate Division of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia) $25

Other Information

For inquires related to licensing education requirements, please email [email protected].  

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