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Peter Dolecki
Brokerage at Time of Sanctioned Activity
Current Brokerage
RE/MAX Westcoast, Richmond
Consent Order Date
19 November 2020


A discipline committee of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (the “Council”) accepted the Consent Order Proposal submitted by Peter Christopher Dolecki (“Mr. Dolecki”), and found that Mr. Dolecki committed conduct unbecoming when he:

  1. as the existing tenant, leased a property to new tenants without first obtaining the consent of the owner to lease the property; 
  2. prepared a residential tenancy agreement dated November 6, 2016 in which he was identified as landlord of the property, without ensuring that the tenants understood that he was acting as landlord by sublease and was not the owner of the property; and
  3. received payments from the tenants in the form of a security deposit and rent payments, and failed to deliver those payments to the owner of the property.


A discipline committee of the Council has ordered, and Mr. Dolecki has agreed to, the following penalties:

  1. a suspension of 2 months (from December 22, 2020 to February 22, 2021 inclusive);
  2. a discipline penalty of $25,000;
  3. enforcement expenses of $1,500; and
  4. successful completion of the Trading Services Remedial Education Course.


  • Real Estate Services Act

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Consent Order

Full consent order is available as a PDF.

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