Consent Order

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Tian Yi (Richard) Li
Brokerage at Time of Sanctioned Activity
Metro Edge Realty
Current Brokerage
Magsen Realty Inc., Vancouver
Consent Order Date
21 April 2021


A discipline committee of the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (the “Council”) accepted the Consent Order Proposal submitted by Tian Yi (Richard) Li and found that Mr. Li committed professional misconduct when he:

  1. held himself out as J.J., a licensee licensed at the time with Sutton Group Seafair Realty, in that he:
    1. provided J.J.’s business card to the seller’s agent on October 1, 2016, when he attended at the presentation centre with the buyer and failed to disclose his true identity to the seller’s agents;
    2. when the seller’s agent prepared a contract of purchase and sale on October 1, 2016 that indicated that J.J. was the buyer’s agent, he failed to disclose to the seller’s agent his true identity, did not correct the contract of purchase and sale, and instead witnessed the buyer’s signature on an addendum to contract of purchase and sale;
    3. he prepared the Working with a REALTOR Brochure, in which the buyer acknowledged a client relationship with J.J. rather than himself, and signed below the name J.J. on the Brochure; and
    4. he failed to disclose his true identity to the seller’s representatives, when he subsequently accompanied the buyer to the presentation centre on October 8, 2016 to provide the seller’s agent with the buyer’s deposit;
  2. failed to provide his managing broker with the originals or copies of all trading records in relation to the sale of the property; and
  3. failed to keep his managing broker informed of his involvement in the sale of the property and of the matters referred to in paragraphs (1)(a) through (d) above.


A Consent Order Review Committee of the Council has ordered, and Mr. Li has agreed to, the following penalties:

  1. Mr. Li’s licence is terminated effective on end of business day, June 21, 2021;
  2. Mr. Li to pay enforcement expenses of $1,500; and
  3. Mr. Li shall not and is not eligible to apply for a licence to provide real estate services as defined in the Real Estate Services Act for a period of three (3) years and until Mr. Li has paid the enforcement expenses


  • Real Estate Services Act
    • 35(1)(a), (c) & (d) [Misconduct by licensee]
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    • 35(2)(b) & (c) [Misconduct by licensee]
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  • Real Estate Rules
    • 3-2(1)(b) [Associate broker and representative responsibilities]
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    • 3-2(2)(a) [Associate broker and representative responsibilities]
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    • 3-4 [Duties to act honestly]
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