Upcoming Hearings

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Hearing Date(s)Name(s)TypeStatus
10/03/2022-10/07/2022Tracy Xiaomei Li,
Lok Chi Annie Fong,
Lo-Ming Lee,
David Chian Wei Yang &
Pacific Evergreen Realty Ltd.
Discipline HearingHearing notice published
10/17/2022-10/22/2022Andrew Charles McLaneDiscipline HearingHearing notice published
10/17/2022-10/21/2022Deanna Michelle McMillanDiscipline HearingHearing notice published
11/16/2022-11/18/2022Glenn Richard CampbellEnforcement HearingHearing notice published
12/28/2022-12/30/2022Philip John Danyluk &
Venture West Real Estate Services Ltd.
Discipline HearingHearing notice published
01/16/2023-01/20/2023Tian Ying PuDiscipline HearingHearing notice published
01/23/2023-01/26/2023Suleman Yasin &
Jitendra Angelo Dehideniya
Discipline HearingHearing notice published
01/30/2023-02/03/2023Jarnail Singh SaranDiscipline HearingHearing notice published
TBAWei (Vicky) WangDiscipline HearingHearing adjourned generally
TBAGee Sing Jason PaoDiscipline HearingHearing adjourned generally

Hearing Status Definitions

AdjournedThe hearing has been postponed.

Reasons for adjourning a hearing can include:

The licensee has submitted a consent order proposal;
The licensee requires time to obtain legal counsel;
The licensee’s legal counsel is unavailable on the hearing date;
A witness is unavailable on the hearing date; or
Other unforeseen circumstances.

In most cases a new hearing date will be set, or, if a Consent Order is signed, no hearing will be held.
Concluded, decision publication pendingThe hearing has been held. The written decision will be published once available.
UpcomingA hearing date has been set and agreed upon by all parties.