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BC Financial Services Authority is collecting residential sales data from real estate brokerages for the period between February 18, 2024, to March 16, 2024.

The data call is mandatory and all trading services brokerages are required to provide a submission by March 31, 2024, even if they do not have any residential sales to submit during the reporting period. Submissions must be made via IRIS – email submissions will not be accepted. Non-compliance may be subject to an administrative penalty or other enforcement action.

  • 2024 Data Call Information Session  

    On February 7, 2024, BCFSA hosted a virtual information session covering key aspects of the 2024 Real Estate Brokerage Data Call. The session covered the parameters of the 2024 data call, how to complete the workbook including a demonstration on how use IRIS to submit the completed workbook.

How to Submit the Workbook

Please review the following instructions to download and submit the Workbook:

  1. You will receive an email notification with a link to the service request in IRIS the week of February 19, 2024. There will also be a link to the service request on your brokerage’s dashboard in the IRIS portal. 
  2. You can download the Brokerage Data Call 2024 Excel Workbook here, or from within the service request itself. 
  3. Save the Workbook to your system.  
  4. Complete the Workbook by following the instructions provided below
  5. Log into IRIS
  6. Under the Organization Dashboard for your brokerage, you will find a draft “Brokerage Data Call 2024” service request in the Submissions list.
  7. Start the service request and upload the completed Brokerage Data Call 2024 Workbook within the Upload File & Process page and then click on “Next” to start the file validation.
  8. If any errors are detected, the page should display the details. Correct the errors and re-upload the workbook.
  9. Once the workbook is successfully validated, you will receive an email notification confirming the filing submission.

You will receive an email notification via IRIS informing you if your submission is complete or if corrections or additional information are required. The deadline for submitting a complete submission is March 31, 2024.

For more information on how to navigate IRIS, please visit Navigating IRIS | BCFSA.

How to Complete the Workbook

Please read the following information thoroughly before completing the Brokerage Data Call 2024 Workbook.

For expediency and accuracy, BCFSA highly recommends that brokerages complete the Workbook in real-time throughout the data call period (i.e., as transactions are completed) and that submissions are entered manually (as opposed to copy and paste):

If you do not have any transactions to report, then you must still submit an Excel Workbook that indicates “N” in Column A “Transactions to Report?”.

  1. Only include transactions that meet all the following criteria:
    1. Your brokerage was the listing brokerage; AND
    2. The sale was for a residential property; AND
    3. The firm contract date falls between February 18, 2024, to March 16, 2024.
  2. Do not include transactions:
    1. Where your brokerage only represented the buyer;
    2. With firm contract dates before February 18, 2024, or after March 16, 2024;
    3. Of pre-sale units subject to disclosures under the Real Estate Development Marketing Act;
    4. Involving unrepresented sellers;
    5. Of assignments of the contract of purchase and sale, regardless of whether you represented the assignor or the assignee; or
    6. Involving commercial or industrial real estate (e.g., sales involving primarily commercial or industrial properties).
  3. The information you input must follow the predefined formatting for each cell. For example, dates should follow a YYYY-MM-DD format.
  4. For columns M–R use the drop-down menu to select “Y” (“yes”) or “N” (“no”). Column B also has a drop-down selection menu related to the local real estate board or association area where the subject property is located.
  5. Use the Definitions Table to find definitions for each column. You can also find the reference table as a tab in the Workbook.
  6. Submit transaction information for all branch offices.
  7. Only Excel file submissions will be accepted. For Mac users: Save Numbers files in .xlsx format.

If you have any questions on completing the Workbook, please contact [email protected].

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