a manufactured home in a field

Listing and Selling Manufactured Homes in B.C.

Listing and selling manufactured homes in British Columbia requires specialized expertise. While facilitating this type of transaction, make sure you practice due diligence to meet all the requirements.

At the outset of your agency relationship with a seller it is important to ask questions about the possibility that a home is manufactured. If your client indicates that the property is a manufactured home or if through due diligence you determine the property to be a manufactured home, you must take a number of steps to determine if the manufactured home can be listed for sale.

Certification Required 

To list a mobile home for sale in British Columbia, you need an approval label, which includes a certification mark or a silver label, applied by an accredited certification body such as Technical Safety BC or stickers by Canada Standards Association (“CSA”).

As a licensee you should answer the following questions to determine whether a mobile home can be listed for sale:

  • Is there a CSA sticker or other approval mark in the home?
  • No matter the reason for a missing sticker, you must advise your client of the need for an inspection and the application of a new label.
  • If alterations to wiring were done under permit, the inspection label remains valid;
  • If alterations were done without a permit, the home must be inspected by a licensed electrical contractor.

Detailed regulatory information on selling manufactured homes is available on the BCFSA’s website. Skipping any of the essential steps could lead to disciplinary action by the regulator.