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Refresher: This January, IRIS Will Replace Licensee Portal

Renewing your license? Or submitting documents to BCFSA? The process and system you use to do this is changing. In January 2023, BCFSA is launching a brand-new real estate portal for licensees called the Integrated Regulatory Information System (“IRIS”) which will make application submissions more efficient.

What Is Changing

Though IRIS will be similar to the current licensee portal, you will be able to do much more. You will be able to renew your licence, change brokerages, pay fees, view your courses, and manage your personal information such as phone numbers and email address.

Additionally, application forms sent by email, mail, or courier will no longer be accepted. All applications must be electronically submitted online through IRIS. Your managing broker will then receive a notification to review your submission, and you can track your application status in IRIS.

Things You Can Do Before January

Renew Early: If your licence is expiring soon, we encourage you to renew promptly through the current portal as you normally do. You also need to allow time for your managing broker to review your application.

Download Past Receipts: Receipts stored in the current portal will not be transferred to IRIS. Licensees who wish to keep copies of past receipts should log in to the current portal and download them before IRIS launches.

What to Do After Launch

The current portal will be closed down when IRIS is launched. This means that you will need to create a brand new account in IRIS. When creating your IRIS account for the first time, you must use only the registered email address BCFSA has on file for you, this is the email address where you receive your renewal notification and other communications from BCFSA. You must use only this email address to ensure a smooth transfer of your licensing information from the current portal to IRIS.

Here Are a Few Things to Avoid:

  • Please do not try to create your IRIS account before January 2023.
  • Do not use a different email address. If unsure, contact [email protected].
  • Do not create multiple accounts using different email addresses.
  • Do not rush to create your account immediately. Please allow other licensees who are due for renewal in early 2023 or have urgent submissions to access the portal first. This will help avoid portal overload in the first few weeks of launch.

In the meantime, you can learn more about How to Navigate IRIS on our website.