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Register Now for BCFSA’s Newest Mandatory Ethics Course

BCFSA’s newest course in its Ethics program, Ethics – Building Trust, will launch in early April 2022, and we encourage all real estate licensees to register and take the course as soon as possible within your two-year licensing period. Completion of the course is required to renew your licence. BCFSA recommends you give yourself ample time to register and complete your continuing education courses and submit your licence renewal application. Courses take a minimum of three weeks to complete, and registration is subject to availability as courses fill up quicky.

Register now for BCFSA’s Ethics – Building Trust course.

What You Will Learn 

In the Ethics – Building Trust course, we explore how building trust through ethical behavior is a key element to real estate licensees’ daily practice. You will learn the key concepts related to foundational elements of ethics and trust, personal and professional integrity, client relationships, and ethical business practices, in addition to further exploring the importance of trust within the real estate profession.

This continuing education requirement for all real estate licensees is updated every two years to ensure you stay up to date on current ethical considerations and best practices. The course includes an online, self-paced learning component and a half-day virtual classroom session. You must complete both the online and virtual classroom components of the Ethics – Building Trust course before applying to renew your licence.

For managing brokers, the Ethics – Building Trust course offers an additional mandatory module focusing on the managing broker role, and building and nurturing an ethical culture in real estate brokerages.

How Does it Work 

The course takes at least three weeks to complete. Learners have two weeks to complete the self-paced online component of BCFSA’s Ethics – Building Trust course, which is followed by attending a virtual classroom session one week later. The online component of the course is self-paced and includes quizzes and evaluations to ensure you thoroughly understand the material before attending the virtual classroom component. In most cases, it will take a total of eight to 10 hours to complete the online modules. Upon completion of the online component, the virtual classroom component is a half-day session.

Please register for our Ethics – Building Trust course through the BCFSA registration portal.