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Applied Practice Courses Consultation Moves Ahead with Technical Working Groups

BCFSA has launched the next phase of its consultation to develop new Applied Practice Courses for managing brokers, rental property managers, and strata managers.

BCFSA is now consulting with industry members across three technical working groups. These technical working groups are comprised of industry experts and practitioners who will provide invaluable feedback including reviewing the draft course outlines to verify the quality, relevance, and effectiveness of the courses.

The membership of these working groups reflects a diverse array of perspectives so that BCFSA can capture comprehensive and well-rounded input essential for the overall success of the new courses. Their contributions, based on their expertise and practical experience, will help ensure the courses are meticulously crafted to meet industry requirements.

A key regulatory priority for BCFSA is to enhance education for real estate licensees and part of this commitment is to develop new courses for managing brokers, rental property managers, and strata managers. These courses are designed to equip newly licensed professionals with practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements vital to their roles.

Last year, BCFSA surveyed managing brokers, rental property managers, and strata managers to gather valuable insights into the practical skills and knowledge essential for their roles.

For more information, including technical working group membership lists, please visit the Applied Practice Courses Consultation page.