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BCFSA Issues Order to Freeze Property in the Matter of: Kathy Alaina Bakker

Additional Enforcement Action Needed to Protect Consumers from Unlicensed Activity

Vancouver, April 14, 2022 – As part of its continuing investigation into unlicensed real estate activity by Kathy Alaina Bakker (“Bakker”), BCFSA has issued an “Order to Freeze Property” to prevent Bakker from withdrawing or moving funds believed to be associated with her alleged unlicensed real estate activity. These funds are believed to include rental monies, rental security deposits, and fees charged by Bakker for unlicensed rental property management services.

This enforcement action is further to an Order in Urgent Circumstances issued on February 11, 2022.

Tenants with concerns about their rent payments and other obligations under their tenancy agreements, including forms of payment and adjudicating disputes, can find information on the Residential Tenancy Branch website. Representatives of the Residential Tenancy Branch comment that tenants are advised to continue to pay rent according to the terms of their tenancy agreement unless contacted by the landlord directly.

BCFSA’s recent consumer alert also provides guidance: Information for Tenants Regarding an Order in Urgent Circumstances to Kathy Alaina Bakker.

BCFSA does not regulate the actions of tenants and cannot offer legal advice or make referrals to a lawyer.

View the Orders issued against Bakker under the Real Estate Services Act:

To report a rental property management complaint, visit: File a Real Estate Complaint | BCFSA


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