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IRIS Platform Launching Soon for Real Estate Licensees

BCFSA has updated information on the launch of IRIS for Real Estate Licensees. Read the latest information.

Coming soon! Real estate licensees will shortly be able to use our new licensing and regulatory information system called the Integrated Regulatory Information System (“IRIS”). This new portal will be a one-stop-shop to apply for licensing, renew licenses, pay fees, change brokerages, manage contact information, and submit required documentation.

To kick off this exciting news, BCFSA is unveiling an informative video that illustrates the benefits and features that IRIS will bring.

This new licensing platform will help cut down on paperwork and streamline processes for licensees to interact with and make regulatory submissions to BCFSA, thus, fulfilling BCFSA’s mandate of being a modern, effective, and efficient financial services regulator.

We are launching IRIS in stages to the sectors we regulate. Mortgage brokers and financial institutions have already been using IRIS since September 2021, and we’re excited to now bring this new portal to real estate licensees.

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