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Planned Outage for IRIS and Real Estate Portals

The IRIS and real estate licensee portals will undergo planned outage from Wednesday, January 4, at noon to Monday, January 9, at 8 a.m.

During this outage period, both the real estate licensee portal and IRIS will be unavailable to all external users – credit unions, insurance and trust companies, mortgage brokers, and real estate licensees. This maintenance is necessary to transition real estate licensing data and services to IRIS. External users should read how they are impacted below.

Information for Financial Institutions and Mortgage Brokers  

Mortgage brokers, credit unions, trust companies, and insurance companies will be unable to make submissions, including financial filings, renewals, transfers, registrations, amendments, etc. Additionally, BCFSA will not be able to process submissions or troubleshoot system enquiries.

We recommend that urgent submissions be done promptly, while non-urgent submissions can wait until the IRIS portal is back up. For example, submissions that are due by the end of December should be submitted in IRIS before the outage period.

Please login to complete outstanding submissions.

Need help during the outage period?

For technical support contact [email protected] or call 604-660-3555. 
Mortgage brokers: [email protected].  
Financial institutions: [email protected]

Information for Real Estate Licensees  

IRIS is not accessible for real estate licensees until January 9, so please do not attempt to create an account in IRIS before this time. From January 9 onwards, submission of all types of applications must be done through the IRIS portal.

Those who need to submit renewals, transfers, or surrenders, including any urgent submissions in early January 2023 are instructed to do so before January 4, as the current real estate portal will go offline after this date.

BCFSA cannot process any applications between January 4 to January 9, and no licences can be issued. We can respond to inquiries about submitted applications but will not be able to take any other actions. To learn more about IRIS, review the IRIS FAQs.

  • If I am unable to finish my online application before the outage, will I still be able to access it in IRIS?
    No. When IRIS is up and running, you will need to start a new application.
  • I submitted my renewal application, but my managing broker may not have reviewed it before the outage period, will they be able to see it in IRIS?
    No, your managing broker will not be able to see the pending submission in IRIS. Unapproved submissions will be handled through a transition process which will include obtaining approval from your managing broker. We strongly encourage you to work with your managing broker to review and approve your submissions prior to the outage.
Need help during the outage period? 

For technical support contact [email protected]. For any other questions contact [email protected].