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Real Estate Licensee Penalized for Undermining Public Confidence in the Real Estate Industry

BCFSA has ordered Michele (Mike) Rose to pay $22,500

A real estate licensee who was caught on camera drinking milk from a refrigerator without the homeowners’ consent during a property showing has been ordered to pay a $20,000 discipline penalty to BCFSA. Michele (Mike) Rose must also pay BCFSA $2,500 in enforcement expenses.

BCFSA found that Rose committed conduct unbecoming a licensee when he consumed milk directly from a container that was in the homeowners’ fridge, while acting as a buyers’ agent. The incident was captured on a surveillance camera and released to the public in July 2022. Rose did not report the incident to the sellers or the sellers’ agent.

Rose acknowledged his conduct violated the sanctity of the sellers’ home and their trust in him to access, view, and show their property. The incident took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was an aggravating factor in the penalty decision.

Licensees are expected to act with professionalism, integrity, and honesty, to ensure their actions on or off the job don’t damage how the public views real estate professionals,”said Jon Vandall, Vice President of Compliance and Enforcement at BCFSA. “The public’s confidence in the real estate industry is undermined when a real estate licensee violates the trust consumers place in them.”

BCFSA’s mandate includes public protection and it takes incidents involving misconduct seriously. The penalty issued against Rose demonstrates that BCFSA does not tolerate actions that jeopardize the trust placed in real estate licensees by their clients.