Registration and Enrolment in IRIS

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The information on this page has been produced to assist IRIS users in understanding how to register in BCFSA’s Integrated Regulatory Information System (“IRIS”) and add an account administrator. For optimal security and performance, please use the latest version of a current web browser. We recommend using Microsoft Edge as IRIS is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Please note some screenshots were captured during system development and may look slightly different in the live system.

  • graphical user interface, application
    graphical user interface, text, application, email
    1. Access IRIS:
    2. To create an account, click Sign up now.
    3. Enter a valid email address in the box and click Send Verification Code. A verification code will be sent to the entered email.
    4. Enter the code received via email in the Verification Code field. Click Verify code.
    5. If the code is not working or was not received, for any reason, click Send new code and repeat the above steps.
    6. Once the code is verified, scroll down and create a new password in the New Password field.
    7. Enter the same password correctly in the Confirm New Password field.
    8. Click Create.
    9. Enter personal information. Any field with an asterisk is required. 
    10. Click Save. The account will be created, and you will be directed to the home page.
      1. Access IRIS:
      2. Enter the Email Address and Password used to sign up.
      3. Click Sign In. You will be directed to the IRIS home page.
    • graphical user interface
      1. Click New Submission from the Home page. Filter by sector and select Type = “Other”
      2. Select Update your BCFSA username and email address. You will be redirected to the form to complete the submission in the system to update your username or email.
      3. Provide your new username or email address and click Submit.
      4. Please note: this update will not be processed automatically. Confirmation emails will be sent when the request has been received by BCFSA and when the change has been processed.
    • graphical user interface, text, application
      1. Access the login page for IRIS. On the login page, click the Forgot your password? link.
      2. Enter your email address. A verification code will be sent to that email. 
      3. Enter this code on the IRIS page to verify it.
      4. Enter new password in both fields and submit.
    • An individual will need to be added as an account administrator to see submissions pertaining to an organization. To make this request, contact the account administrator at the applicable organization or contact BCFSA for support. 

      The IRIS Home page may show the organization and personal dashboards. The organization dashboard contains submissions pertaining to a regulated organization and will be visible only to the account administrators for those organizations. The personal dashboard is visible to all users and will show submissions initiated by and scheduled for the user. The personal dashboard also lists any personal business authorizations, which includes licences and registrations. If a user has no submissions or business authorizations pertaining to them or any organizations they administer, the home page will be empty.

      Account administrators can add additional administrators to their organization in IRIS by following the steps below:

      1. Select “New Submission”. Select:
        1. Type = Other. Select “Apply”.
        2. Select the submission: Add an account administrator to my organization.
        3. Click Create, then fill out all the mandatory fields to add the new contact and role(s).
        4. Click Save & Next
        5. There are no additional requirements, so to finish click Submit
        6. Once submitted, the submission will be reviewed by BCFSA and a notification will be sent once it is completed.
    • Account Administrators can also remove Administrators. To do this, follow the same process as above, but in step (b), select “Remove an account administrator from my organization”.

      Once submitted, the submission will be reviewed by BCFSA and a notification will be sent once it is completed.