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  • Ethics — Building Your Business Culture

    Ethics — Building Your Business Culture focuses on three elements; Business Culture, Business Practices, and Fair Treatment of Clients and Others and how they all interconnect with one another to build a strong ethics foundation within the industry.

    Cost: $175

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    Course Overview

    Who Must Take this Course

    All licensed real estate professionals are required to complete the current version of the Ethics Course (Ethics — Building Your Business Culture). Whether you are a representative, an associate broker or a managing broker and whether you provide trading services, rental property management services, or strata management services, you’ll learn valuable information about ethical decision making in real estate in this course.

    Ethics — Building Your Business Culture is the third ethics course in BCFSA’s ethics continuing education program. BCFSA’s ethics program requires licensees to take one ethics course during every two year licence term.

    What You Will Learn

    This course, which consists of both self-paced online and virtual classroom-based elements, will help you understand the ethical obligations and the expectations placed on you as a real estate professional. The course is intended to challenge and guide you in meeting the relevant requirements of you as a real estate professional, as well as the broader expectations of the public and the profession, by applying an ethical lens to decision-making.

    As you work through the course, some of the materials will deal with roles that might not currently apply to you. As a member of the profession, it is important that you have a broad understanding of the industry and the obligations of your fellow professionals in other service areas.

    To support managing brokers in their role overseeing a real estate broker and related licensees, a managing broker version of the course is also available. This version includes activities tailored specifically to the managing broker role.

    When to Take the Course

    We encourage you to take the course as soon as possible within your two-year licensing period.

    Course Cost

    The Ethics — Building Your Business Culture course fee is $175. Course fees must be paid upon registration.

    Course revenues support the development of further educational resources and courses to enhance real estate professionals’ knowledge and help them to comply with regulatory requirements.

    Course Length

    The duration of Ethics — Building Your Business Culture is three weeks, providing a two week period to complete the online modules, followed by a virtual classroom session one week later. The online component can be completed at your own pace, and in most cases will take an estimated 8-10 hours. The self-paced component must be completed before the virtual classroom component begins.

    Course Details

    While taking Ethics — Building Your Business Culture you will be required to engage more in online and classroom activities and researching various ways that real estate professionals may build their business culture. Expect to spend time during the virtual classroom session discussing scenarios and actively participating with your peers as you consider the elements from the online component listed below:

    Module 1Introduction
    Module 2Business Culture
    Module 3Business Practices
    Module 4Fair Treatment of Clients and Others

    Once you have passed the summative assessment, you will receive a course completion letter.

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    3. This course has two parts: a self-paced online component followed by a virtual classroom session that you must complete over a 2 week period and should take 8-10 hours to complete.

      Real estate professionals must successfully complete the self-paced component before attending the virtual classroom session.

    Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with details for accessing the online course.