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It’s Time to Register for the 2022 Legal Update Course

The 2022 version of the Legal Update course launches January 5, 2022, with greater flexibility to tailor your online learning experience. The course is mandatory within your two-year licensing period to stay current on legal and regulatory reminders and industry best practices. We strongly encourage licensees to take the course at least eight weeks before your license expiry date in order to renew your license.

What You Will Learn

By taking Legal Update 2022, you’ll learn about legal and regulatory updates and current practices. Legal Update is changed annually to include recent notable BCFSA discipline cases, legal developments, Errors & Omissions (“O&E”) reports, and key lessons for licensees to apply to your business practices.

Real estate licensees who take the 2022 Legal Update course will learn key concepts related to Cybersecurity, Contracts, and Conflicts of Interest. You will understand how topics of Insurance, Leases, and the Residential Tenancy Act affect the professional real estate services you provide to clients. Managing Brokers can also take specific modules that focus on Policies and Procedures, as well as Oversight and Supervision within a brokerage.

How Does it Work?

Legal Update 2022 is a customizable learning experience requiring six online modules; four modules are mandatory, and licensees can choose the remaining two modules based on your interest or license designation. There are 11 modules overall, and while they are not all required, we encourage licensees to get the most out of this learning opportunity by choosing to complete all of them.

Updated annually, the course includes an online, self-paced learning component and a one-day virtual classroom session. The online component is estimated to take 10-15 hours to complete, and the virtual classroom component is a full-day, five-hour session. Both the online and virtual classroom components of the Legal Update course are required to renew your license.

To register for the course select Legal Update in the BCFSA Registration Portal