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Kathy Alaina Bakker: Order to Cease Unlicensed Activities Filed with B.C. Supreme Court

BC Financial Services Authority (“BCFSA”) has filed a certified copy of an urgent order in the matter of Kathy Alaina Bakker to cease conducting unlicensed real estate services with the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

BCFSA took this step after investigators obtained evidence indicating that Bakker failed to comply with BCFSA’s February 10, 2022, order to cease unlicensed real estate services, including rental property management services. That order also required Bakker to provide details and records relating to her real estate services activities within 30 days of notice of the order, including a full list of properties for which she has provided real estate services, copies of agreements for the provision of real estate services, and financial records relating to the provision of real estate services.

A certified copy of the February 10, 2022, order has now been filed with the Supreme Court. An order filed under s. 52(1) of the Real Estate Services Act (“RESA”) has the same force and effect, and all proceedings may be taken on it, as if it were an order of the Supreme Court.

Where BCFSA files an order in this way, BCFSA can apply to the B.C. Supreme Court to have a person who fails or refuses to comply with the order held in contempt. A finding of contempt by the Court may result in a jail sentence, a fine, or both for the person who fails or refuses to comply with the order.

View the Orders issued against Bakker under the Real Estate Services Act:

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