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Reciprocity/Registering in B.C. from Out of Province

If you’re ready to become a mortgage or submortgage broker in B.C. and you’ve been registered as a mortgage broker in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Quebec you will need to follow some important steps.

Mortgage Brokers

Out of province mortgage brokers planning to register and practice in B.C. will need to register as a new mortgage broker under provincial requirements.

Register as a New Mortgage Broker

Submortgage Brokers

Submortgage brokers from Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, or Saskatchewan who would like to get registered in B.C. must first contact their regulating authority in the province they are currently registered/licensed and ask them to send your registration/licence history directly to BCFSA at [email protected].

If you have less than two years of mortgage broker experience from another province, BCFSA may provide you with approval to complete the Mortgage Brokers Inter-Provincial and B.C. Procedures course from UBC Sauder School of Business.

If you have more than two years experience, you will need to submit a signed Statutory Declaration.

Please note that this process can take some time depending on the province you are currently registered/licensed in.

Once you have completed the previous steps, you may follow the steps for becoming a New Submortgage Broker to complete your reciprocity process.