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Renewal Application Instructions


Before you begin, make sure that you have:

  • A VISA or MasterCard available to make your payment; and
  • Completed all Continuing Education requirements.

Courses Required for Renewing a Real Estate Sales Licence

For licences expiring after October 1, 2020:


Start your licence renewal application:

  • Click on the link on the top left and follow the prompts; and
  • If you are applying to renew a secondary managing broker licence, select “Secondary Renewal.” All secondary licenccs will be listed. Select the one tagged “renew” to access the secondary license application.


Upload Supporting Documentation.

  • The following changes require supporting documentation:
    • Legal Name Change; and/or
    • Reputation and Suitability.
  • If you do not upload the required supporting documentation, you will not be able to proceed with the application.


Consent and make your payment:

  • When you have completed the application and uploaded all required information, select “I consent to the above”.
  • You will be prompted to make your payment.
  • After consenting to the application and making your payment, the renewal application is complete. No further changes can be made to the application.
  • BCFSA’s licensing staff will review the application, and if it is complete and satisfactory, your licence will be renewed - Licensing staff will contact you should BCFSA require more information or to correct any deficiencies with the licence renewal application