Using IRIS to Manage Your Licence

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Review licensing, relicensing, and renewal fees on our fees page.

  • Using IRIS

    BCFSA has recently introduced IRIS in order to support Real Estate licensees in managing their licence. Some forms you may have used previously for tasks such as licence renewal or transfer can now be found in the IRIS portal and are no longer on this page.

  • Becoming Licenced

    Your Application for First Time Licence: Individual should now be submitted through IRIS.

    Please ensure you have completed all the necessary steps prior to submitting your application in IRIS.

  • Renewing Your Licence

    You must now submit your licence renewal application using IRIS.

    Before you begin, please ensure you have completed all necessary steps, including continuing education, prior to submitting your renewal.

  • Managing Your Licence

    If you need to transfer your licence to another brokerage, take a break, reinstate a licence, or beome relicenced, you can learn more on our Managing Your Licence page.

    Learn more about managing your licence
  • Brokerage Licensing

    Find more infomation if you are looking to licence a brokerage, branch office, or sole proprietorship, or renew a licence

    Brokerage Name or Address Change

    If you are changing your brokerage name or address, log into IRIS and follow the steps to apply for this change.

    Brokerage Licence Surrender

    If you are winding-up a brokerage, learn more about how to surrender your brokerage licence and other obligations as part of this process.

    Surrendering a Licence
  • Other Licensing Activities

    For the following activities, please log in to IRIS to complete .

    • Request for Licensing History
    • Change of Licence Level or Category
    • Name Change
    • Team Name Request

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