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Home Buyer Rescission Period: Required Disclosures

The Home Buyer Rescission Period (“HBRP”) is in effect for residential real estate transactions in B.C.

The B.C. government introduced the HBRP as a consumer protection measure to give home buyers time to consider whether a purchase is right for them. HBRP gives buyers the right to rescind their offer up to three business days after the offer is accepted. If a buyer changes their mind within that period, they must pay a 0.25 per cent rescission fee to the seller.

New and Updated Disclosures Required

Real estate licensees are required to provide the following disclosures to their clients:

Please note: you only need to provide BCFSA’s Disclosure of the Buyer’s Right of Rescission form to clients when you cannot, or do not wish to, use BCREA’s standard Contract of Purchase and Sale (CPS). Both the BCFSA form and BCREA’s standard CPS are forms approved by the Superintendent.

Licensees must provide existing clients with a new DORTS form to comply with these new disclosure requirements. For unrepresented parties, licensees must provide general HBRP information as set out in the updated DORTS form.

Check out our Home Buyer Rescission Period webpage, including FAQs, for more information.