Mortgage Brokers

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  • Consumer Protection

    Consumers are encouraged to use the services of registered mortgage brokers by referring to our listed registrants.

    Consumers who use the services of unregistered mortgage brokers are not protected by the Mortgage Brokers Act, which holds registered mortgage brokers to specific regulatory and educational standards.

  • Legislation

    The Registrar of Mortgage Brokers protects the public and enhances mortgage broker industry integrity by enforcing mortgage broker suitability requirements and reducing and preventing market misconduct under the Mortgage Brokers Act and Regulations.

  • Become a Mortgage Broker

    In British Columbia, individuals and companies that engage in mortgage broker activities must be registered with the Registrar.

    Activities include traditional brokering activities (facilitating interactions between borrowers and lenders) and mortgage lending activities (lending funds on the security of mortgages).

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