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BCFSA Providing Support for Credit Unions and Members Impacted by Wildfires

In response to the Provincial State of Emergency declared on August 18, 2023, BCFSA is engaging with credit unions to understand how wildfires are impacting their operations. BCFSA regulates authorized credit unions in B.C., many of which operate in areas affected by wildfires or have members with mortgages or other financial products in affected areas.

BCFSA encourages credit unions impacted by wildfires to reach out to their designated BCFSA representatives to discuss their situation and how we can support their operations.

Given the evolving situation, BCFSA has also decided to extend its consultation on the Capital Modernization Project for two weeks to provide additional time for all credit unions to provide feedback. The consultation will now formally close on November 6, 2023.

Media Contact:
Warren Mirko
Communications Manager, (778) 783-4057, [email protected]
Visit: www.bcfsa.ca