Accommodation Request Form

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Accommodation Request Form


This form is for use by a person (an “Applicant”) seeking a licence, registration, approval, determination, decision, or order from the BC Financial Services Authority (“BCFSA”) pursuant to its statutory powers of decision who is making a request for an accommodation on the basis of a limitation which results from or is associated with a protected characteristic under section 14 of the BC Human Rights Code (“Protected Characteristic”).

All accommodation requests will be evaluated under BCFSA’s Accommodation Policy. Please keep in mind that the authority and the responsibility to evaluate and make a decision about an accommodation request lie with BCFSA.

BCFSA maintains accommodation-related information in strict confidence and will not use the information for a purpose other than evaluating the accommodation request to which the information relates.


An Applicant who is adversely affected by a rule or requirement of BCFSA due to a Protected Characteristic may make an accommodation request to BCFSA. Simply submit this Accommodation Request Form, together with any supporting documentation required under Supporting Documentation for Limitation Not Related to Disability or Supporting Documentation for Limitation Related to Disability.

An Applicant who is asking BCFSA to accommodate a limitation must provide sufficient supporting information to identify and confirm any relevant Protected Characteristics and associated limitations. Usually the information that will be required by BCFSA to support the request will be proportionate to the complexity and duration of the requested accommodation.

In the case of a request for the accommodation of a limitation arising from or associated with a Protected Characteristic which is a disability ("Disability"), BCFSA requires confirmation in writing from an appropriately qualified practitioner that the person has a disability through the Health Care Practitioner Information Form.

BCFSA may ask for more detailed or specific information, including a diagnosis, if such information has been reasonably identified as a necessary part of BCFSA’s evaluation of an accommodation request.

If you are asking BCFSA to accommodate a limitation caused by or associated with Protected Characteristics that are NOT a Disability, you must obtain a detailed statement from an appropriately qualified person with direct knowledge of your Protected Characteristic(s). For example, if you are requesting accommodation on the basis of religion, you should obtain a statement from a religious official.

The statement must include the factual basis for identification of any limitations which are caused by or associated with your Protected Characteristic(s). You must ensure the statement provided by the qualified person includes the following:

  • their name,
  • contact details including a civic address, and
  • relevant qualifications (e.g. a statement of qualifications on a professional letterhead).

An appropriately qualified person may suggest how the limitations could be accommodated. Please note, however, that while an appropriately qualified person’s suggestions about the accommodation of your limitations will be considered in good faith by BCFSA, the suggestions are not binding on BCFSA.

BCFSA may, at its discretion, grant an exemption from the requirement to provide information from a qualified person, where BCFSA determines that it is impractical or unnecessary for such information to be provided.

If you are asking BCFSA to accommodate a limitation caused by or associated with a disability, you must provide a completed Health Care Practitioner Information Form.

If you wish, you may also provide proof of a previous accommodation you received from another organization in connection with the same or a similar Protected Characteristic. However, please note that providing proof of a previous accommodation is not a guarantee that the same, or any, accommodation will be provided to you by BCFSA.

BCFSA evaluates each request for an accommodation on an individual basis. However, information regarding any previous accommodation you received in connection with the same or a similar Protected Characteristic may help BCFSA to understand and address your current request for an accommodation.

Mental Disability Due To Cognitive Condition

If you are asking BCFSA to accommodate limitations caused by or associated with a Disability that includes cognitive limitations (a “Cognitive Disability”), and the requested accommodation is likely to be complex, please provide a psychological or psycho-educational assessment report. Please ensure the report addresses the limitations caused by or associated with your Cognitive Disability and has been prepared following, or within the two year period immediately preceding, your request for an accommodation.

The assessment report you provide should identify and discuss matters which have: adversely affected your cognitive status and your functional level; the severity of your condition; the availability of a recommended therapeutic regime and your compliance with any recommended therapy; and your general prognosis. The assessment report should clearly identify the limitations which have been caused by or are related to your Cognitive Disability.

Please ensure you have all required documentation before proceeding, as you will be asked to upload it as part of your application.