Agreement Regarding Conflict of Interest Between Clients Form FAQs

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  • Licensees must indicate the name of their team on the form, if any, as well as the names of all team members. This field was added in recognition of the fact that all team members share the same obligations to a client and should be disclosed. In cases where there isn’t room for all the team member’s names, licensees could choose to use the notes field, or to attach a separate page. Licensees will need to keep up to date with changes to team members, so that when new members join a team or members leave, the information they are disclosing here is accurate.

  • You should list all licensed team members in the appropriate form.

  • No they do not need to sign the same form.

    If either of the clients would prefer not to disclose their identity to the other client, you should have each client sign a separate copy of the Agreement Regarding Conflict of Interest Between Clients.

  • In order to proceed with a continuing client, all parties must sign the form. If one party refuses to sign the form, you must release both clients.