Consumer Guide to Manufactured Homes

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This FAQ covers information about what is required to buy and sell a manufactured home, and what documentation your real estate professional must review and confirm before they are able to facilitate the sale of a manufactured home on your behalf.

Manufactured homes are becoming more popular. They are less expensive, built off-site, and can take a fraction of the time to complete as a traditionally built home. They also come in many styles and sizes, including prefab homes, mobile homes and trailers. There are, however, several differences when it comes to ensuring a manufactured home can be sold.

Is it true that manufactured homes need to be registered somewhere?

Yes, almost all manufactured homes (with some exceptions), need to be registered with the Manufactured Homes Registry in BC. When a home is registered, it gets a special number that will appear in the legal description of the home identifying it as a manufactured home.

If a manufactured home falls into an exemption for registration, the home may not need to be registered. That is why it is always prudent to ask a seller if the home is a manufactured home or traditionally built home.

What is a CSA sticker and do manufactured homes have to have electrical certifications?

A CSA sticker is a certification sticker attesting to the fact that the electrical systems in the home have been inspected by an accredited certification or inspection body. Another sticker you might see instead of the CSA sticker is called a Silver Label. A certification is required before a manufactured home can be sold. The sticker is even required on manufactured homes that are exempt from the manufactured home registration.

You will typically find the certification sticker on the electrical panel in the home, but it may appear in other areas such as the inside of a cabinet door. If the sticker is lost or has deteriorated to the point where it can’t be read, a new inspection and sticker will be needed before the home can be sold.

What do I need to do if I have updated the electrical in my home? Does it need to be recertified?

If you have altered the electrical wiring in any way, and the work was done with a permit, the original CSA or Silver Label sticker will not be invalidated. If, however, you do any unpermitted work, you will need to have a new inspection and possibly a new certification sticker affixed.

Buyers may ask about any alterations to the electrical when they consider making an offer so having any permits or reinspection paperwork available for them is a good idea.

Are there special considerations if I am selling my manufactured home and assigning the lease to the pad it sits on?

Yes. The Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Regulation outline the rules around assigning a lease to the pad when selling a manufactured home.

Unknown complications from the potential for existing head leases or options which could impact future rents must be resolved. Should the manufactured home reside in a mobile home park, the sale of the park could compromise rental agreements that are not properly in force. Discuss these potential issues with your real estate professional so that they can be addressed before listing your home.