Consumer Guide to Property Measurements

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This FAQ answers questions about who can measure a property for you as a seller, and how to address differences in property measurements results obtained by different people.

Is there a standard way of measuring a property?

No. There are general guidelines as to the best method to measure a property based on the type of property it is (strata, detached, commercial), but different real estate professionals and professional measuring companies will use their own method.

It is prudent to ask a seller or their real estate professional how the measurement was arrived at, so you know exactly what was included in it.

Do real estate professionals measure properties or must they hire a professional measurement company?

In many cases, a real estate professional will measure a property they are listing. If you are selling your home and would prefer a measurement company to provide the measurements, discuss your wishes with you real estate professional.

I bought a home and measured it, but the number is different from what was advertised on the listing. What do I do?

The first step is to speak with your real estate professional (if you had one facilitate the transaction for you) to ask them to reach out to the seller’s real estate professional to determine how the measurements were arrived at. If you did not hire a real estate professional, contact the seller’s real estate professional yourself and get that information, it may be that you are including or excluding square footage that the seller included or excluded.

If you are not able to get a satisfactory explanation, or the square footage advertised is far off from what your measurements indicate, you can file a complaint with BCFSA.