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Home Buyer Rescission Period Webinar Series

During November and December 2022, BCFSA partnered with real estate boards across the province, the British Columbia Real Estate Association (“BCREA”), and the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association to deliver a series of webinars about the new Home Buyer Rescission Period (“HBRP”) for residential real estate transactions. The HBRP came into effect on January 3, 2023.

A total of nine webinars were held and 2,767 real estate licensees attended to hear from expert speakers Carmen deFoy, Practice Education Manager at BCFSA and Jim McCaughan, BCREA’s Professional Services Manager.

“It was a pleasure presenting this material and engaging with attendees who were interested and ready to learn,” said Carmen deFoy. “We look forward to collaborating with real estate boards to engage with licensees on the implementation of other regulatory changes again in the future.”

Participants who completed evaluation surveys after the webinars indicated a high level of satisfaction: 87 per cent agreed or strongly agreed they were satisfied with the webinar content and the speakers and more than 87 per cent believed the content will help their real estate practice.

To ensure real estate licensees understand the requirements for HBRP, we’re making the presentation slides available. If you have questions about the presentation, get in touch with a Practice Standards Advisor, at [email protected].

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HBRP Webinar Presentation Deck

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