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Welcome to the Real Estate Bulletin!

For several decades, the former Report From Council (“RFC”) provided real estate licensees with valuable information and updates about the sector. Before transitioning online, articles were prepared in print and delivered directly by mail. RFC was distributed until integration with BCFSA in August, 2021. Our online Knowledge Base contains past issues published since 2004.

Moving forward, BCFSA is excited to introduce the new, quarterly Real Estate Bulletin as a source of information for real estate licensees providing trading, rental and strata property management services. The Bulletin will replace the RFC to bring you useful articles and news from BCFSA. You will be able to view articles on our website as they are posted and reduce the risk of overlooking an important update sitting in your inbox.

Your Feedback Was Valuable

Earlier this year, more than 1,400 respondents took part in a readership survey, with 80% confirming that the RFC newsletter provided important content relevant to them as real estate licensees.

When asked how they want to hear from BCFSA, an overwhelming 94.4% chose email. Just 12% selected text message, and 9.8% social media. You told us you wanted quick reads, with lots of professional advice and tips on best practices, among other topics.

We will continue to post relevant articles in the Real Estate Bulletin and will email you a quarterly roundup to remind you that we have new information that you might find helpful in your practice.

Please check our new blog between newsletters to see what we have been posting.