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What’s New in Ethics – Building Your Business Culture

BCFSA’s Education Team is excited to announce that the third iteration of its Ethics program, Ethics – Building Your Business Culture, is open for registration.

Our updated Ethics course launched on April 2, 2024. It is intended to provide real estate licensees with the tools to build strong, ethical business practices that reflect current and future environments.

Ethics – Building Your Business Culture was developed on the foundation that ethical and professional behaviour can be supported by a principle-based approach including three key elements: business culture, business practices, and fair treatment.

During the course, licensees will consider these key elements:

  • How business culture sets the overall tone of practice;
  • How business practices provide structure and norms for an organization to apply to its business culture in a meaningful way; and
  • The importance of fair treatment – by incorporating the first two elements into practice, licensees may ensure that clients and others are treated fairly.

Like all BCFSA continuing education courses, Ethics – Building Your Business Culture is made up of both online and classroom-based components. Licensees will engage with online materials and be asked to consider ways they can apply their ethical practice in each of the three elements presented. Online components are designed to provide licensees with a baseline level of knowledge, understanding, and application of the subject matter which will be called upon and explored in more detail using scenarios and group discussions during the virtual classroom session.

Learn more about the changes and register for the course on our Ethics Course page.