Mortgage Broker Fee Schedule

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Registration Application and Late Filing Fees

All Fees Are Non-RefundableEffective April 1, 2022
For the registration of a mortgage broker$1,900
For the registration of a submortgage broker$1,500
For the registration of a branch location of a mortgage broker$200
For the renewal of the registration of a mortgage broker$1,750
For the renewal of the registration of a submortgage broker$1,500
For the transfer of a submortgage broker registration$200
For the amendment of registration information, including a change of address or name$200
For the late filing of a renewal of registration of a mortgage broker or submortgage broker$50 per day to a maximum of $500
For the late filing of a financial filing$50 per day to a maximum of $500

Bulletin on New Mortgage Broker Fee Structure.

  • All applications, except for new mortgage broker or branch office registration, must be submitted electronically using the IRIS Portal. This system includes a secure electronic payment feature (BC Express Pay) to ensure the fastest application processing time. For more information on registration please see our Registration Requirements Guidelines. Applications are not considered complete and will not be reviewed until payment is received.

    If payment is not being made via IRIS Portal by the registrant it must be made by cheque or by using one of the credit card payment methods listed below. All cheques must be made payable to “The BC Financial Services Authority”.

    Note: Choose only the IRIS Portal or fax to avoid duplicate charges.

    BCFSA accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

  • Print, complete and submit the Credit Card Payment form if paying by fax.

    Manual Payment Submission Options

    • Fax (refer to Credit Card Payment Form for more details)
    • If you have questions regarding payments, please call Mortgage Brokers Registration department at (604) 660-3555.

    Please note:

    Any documents received by email that contain credit card information will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender. To ensure the security and confidentiality of your credit card information it will not be accepted via email.

    For further details on fee payments, please see Bulletin MB 04-001, Fees Payable under the Mortgage Brokers Act.

    Incomplete applications will result in delays.