Regulatory Statements

Regulatory Statements
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Regulatory Statements provide details on how real estate professionals must comply with legislative requirements. While both Real Estate Services Rules and Regulatory Statements legally require compliance, Regulatory Statements are used by BCFSA to provide further details/direction related to an established requirement (e.g. form and content of a submission to BCFSA, including applications and reports).

Regulatory Statements
RESA 23-003 — Required Forms Part 5 and 8
RESA 23-004 — Brokerage Reporting Requirements
RESA 23-005 — Education Requirements for Previously Licensed Individuals
RESA 23-006 — Applying for a Real Estate Licence: Extraprovincial Qualification
RESA 23-007 — Education Waivers
RESA 23-010 — Form and Content of Applications
RESA 23-016 — Indirect Remuneration and the Provision of Real Estate Services
RESA 24-003 — Educational Requirements for a New Licence or a Licence Renewal