RESA 21-003 - Required Forms Part 5 and 8

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    TITLE: Mandatory Forms under Parts 5 and 8 of the Real Estate Services Rules 

    LEGISLATION: Real Estate Services Act (“RESA”) 

    Disclosure of Interest in Trade 
    Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services 
    Disclosure for Residential Tenancies 
    Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented Parties 
    Disclosure to Sellers of Expected Remuneration 
    Disclosure of Risks Associated with Dual Agency 
    Agreement Regarding Conflict of Interest Between Clients 
    Trade Record Sheet 
    Record of Referral Fees 

    DATE: August 1, 2021 

    DISTRIBUTION: All licensees under RESA  


This Regulatory Statement provides the required form for disclosures made under Part 5 (Relationships with Principals and Parties) and records kept under Part 8 (Brokerage Records) of the Real Estate Services Rules (the “Rules”). 

Background Information  

Parts 5 and 8 of the Rules provide that specific disclosures and records must be made or kept in a form required by the Superintendent of Real Estate (the “Superintendent”).  The Superintendent may update these requirements from time to time. 

Section 93 of the Rules requires a brokerage that is winding up its business to submit a report in the form required by the Superintendent. Information about the requirements related to brokerage winding-up is provided in the Regulatory Statement, “Brokerage Reporting Requirements (RESA 21-004)”. 


The table below provides the title and the date of the approved versions of disclosures and records under Parts 5 and 8 of the Rules. 

Form and Link Approved Version Date Applicable Section of the  Real Estate Services Rules 
Disclosure of Interest in Trade  November 2016 Section 53 (4) 
Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services September 2019 Section 54 (2) 
Disclosure for Residential Tenancies September 2019 Section 54 (2) 
Disclosure of Risks to Unrepresented PartiesSeptember 2019 Section 55 
Disclosure to Sellers of Expected Remuneration (Payment) September 2019 Section 57 (2) 
Disclosure of Risks Associated with Dual AgencyFebruary 2020 Section 64 (2) 
Agreement Regarding Conflict of Interest Between Clients February 2020 Section 65 (3) 
Trade Record Sheet  November 2016 Section 84 (2) 
Record of Referral Fees November 2016 Section 86 (3) 

Other Information  

Licensees should ensure that they download the current version of any required forms, as identified above and posted on BCFSA’s website, in order to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. 

For inquires related to the usage of these forms, please contact a Practice Standards Advisor by phone at 1-877-683-9664 or by email at [email protected].  

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