Archive Quarterly Statistics 2022/2023

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Archive Quarterly Statistics April 2022 – March 2023

  • OverviewJune 30Sept 30Dec 31Mar 31
    Total Real Estate Professionals28,56528,95829,11929,087
    By CategoryJune 30Sept 30Dec 31Mar 31
    Real Estate Sales26671270502717727090
    Rental Property Management4662465846584655
    Strata Property Management1416143014531457
    Note: Professionals may be licensed for more than one category.

    By LevelJune 30Sept 30Dec 31Mar 31
    Managing Brokers1294129412881296
    Associate Brokers1390138713861375
    OverviewJune 30Sept 30Dec 31Mar 31
    Licensed Brokerages1552155715571548
    Note: Licensed brokerages include branch offices.

  • EnforcementApr — JunJul  — SeptOct — DecJan — Mar
    Consent Orders Issued3231
    Disciplinary Hearings Held*1111
    Fines & Admin Penalties Issued4663
    Fines & Admin Penalties Amounts$68,500$138,150$119,750$146,500
    Suspensions Issued111-
    Letters of Advisement Issued1322
    Licence Surrenders----
    *Disciplinary hearings are, in most cases, held in two parts: a hearing on liability, followed in cases where there is a finding of liability by a hearing to determine penalty.

  • By SourceApr — JunJul — SeptOct — DecJan — Mar
    Real Estate Professionals1,2141,0431,1131,548
  • By SourceApr — JunJul — SeptOct — DecJan — Mar
    Real estate professional34372430
    Initiated by BCFSA1421218
    Referred by real estate board231-
    Referred by another regulator----
    Referred from Anonymous Tipline51626075
    TypeApr — JunJul — SeptOct — DecJan — Mar
    Anonymous Tips51626075
  • TypeApr — JunJul — SeptOct — DecJan — Mar
    Brokerages Audited26272435
    *Scheduled in-person brokerage audits during this period were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with guidelines from BC’s Public Health Officer, and replaced with an audit outreach program. In total, 369 brokerages were contacted remotely during this period as part of the outreach program. Based on the interviews conducted, 113 brokerages have been identified for further investigation/audit procedures. Virtual office audits started in September 2020.

  • Students Registered in Licensing Courses*Apr — JunJul — SeptOct — DecJan — Mar
    Trading Services (Real Estate Sales)1,6171,2279221,133
    Rental Property Management Services162153125146
    Strata Management Services55746793
    Managing Brokers72635979
    * These are the number of participants in the licensing courses, they are not the same as those who have passed the exam and or apply for licencing.