Powers of Attorney and Undertakings

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A Power of Attorney and Undertaking (“PAU”) is a document filed by foreign automobile insurance companies that wish to be able to provide the Canada Non-Resident Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card to their policyholders that want to drive their cars in Canada. That card may be needed to prove the existence of insurance coverage that meets Canadian requirements upon request by a Canadian police officer or other authority. Inability to prove the existence of adequate insurance coverage can lead to heavy fines and/or the impoundment of the vehicle until adequate insurance coverage is available.

PAU’s are also filed by Canadian insurers that wish to be able to provide similar documentation to their policy holders that want to drive their cars into provinces in which that insurer is not registered as an insurance company.

The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators maintains the repository of PAU’s filed by insurance companies all over North America, and provides copies of those PAU’s to those who need them. This function means that insurers filing PAU’s with respect to private automobile insurance do not have to file that document in each province or territory the policyholder might visit.

A list of entities that have filed PAU’s. New PAU’s, and requests for copies of PAU’s, should be directed to the CCIR Secretariat (by email if possible) at:

CCIR Secretariat
5160 Yonge Street, Box 85
Toronto ON
M2N 6L9
Telephone: (416) 590-7290
Fax: (416) 590-7070
Email: [email protected]

Effecting Service Under a Power of Attorney and Undertaking (PAU)

Pursuant to sections 106 and 107 of the Motor Vehicle Act the Superintendent of Insurance can accept service related to a claim involving an insurance company that is not authorized in British Columbia.

Service can only be accepted if:

  • The notice or process is in relation to a British Columbia proceeding;
  • The insurer involved has filed a PAU empowering the Superintendent of Insurance to accept service;
  • Three copies of any notice or process regarding the action is provided; and
  • It is being made on an insurance company that is not authorized in British Columbia or on an insured whose insurer is not authorized in British Columbia, or both.

To expedite the process, we recommend that a copy of the current PAU is provided. Copies of PAU’s can be obtained through the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators. A complete list of insurance companies authorized in British Columbia can be found under the insurance tab on this website.

If the insurance company involved is authorized in British Columbia, this office does not need to be involved.

Failure to provide a complete package will result in the service being denied until all requirements have been met. Once all requirements have been met we make every effort to handle these requests within three business days.