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As a regulator, we work with a diverse group of stakeholders and partners, including:

  • members of the public, whose interests and well-being we protect by providing oversight and regulation of the financial services sector;
  • industry sector members, who look to us for modern, effective, efficient regulation and guidance to support compliance and best practices;
  • other regulators, in B.C. and across Canada who we work with to provide a strong, consistent approach to regulation of the financial services sector;
  • the provincial government, to which we are accountable.

Consultations and Engagement

Effective engagement with our stakeholders is important to achieving our regulatory goals.

We use a variety of methods to gather feedback and listen to the views of our stakeholders about the issues that affect them. For more information about consultation activities, refer to the list below.

Current Engagement Opportunities

  • Information Security Guideline and Outsourcing Guideline

    BCFSA has identified information security and outsourcing (also referred to as third party risk) as key risks currently facing regulated entities. In response, BCFSA has developed draft Guidelines to set out its expectations for mitigating these risks.

    Given the connection between information security and outsourcing risks, BCFSA plans to hold separate consultations on both Guidelines over the same period of time. Following the release of the draft guidelines, BCFSA will undertake a 60-day consultation process that will include meeting with various stakeholder organizations and targeted sector representatives. Details regarding those meetings will be released along with the draft Guidelines. BCFSA values the feedback it receives during its consultations and, where appropriate, feedback will be used to amend and strengthen the guidelines. Feedback received during the consultation will also be summarized and BCFSA’s responses will be published on the BCFSA website.

    Consultation Materials

  • Revised BC Trust Regulatory Reporting Template

    BC Financial Services Authority (“BCFSA”) is proposing revisions to the BC Trust Financial and Capital Return (“BC Trust FCR”) template and reporting instructions. These revisions aim to streamline reporting through a standardized template and consistent reporting instructions. The revisions also align the BC Trust FCR template with the current International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”).

    After incorporating feedback from B.C. trust companies, BCFSA intends to issue the final revised BC Trust FCR template this summer, with proposed implementation in the fall. BCFSA will provide support and training to help B.C. trust companies with the transition to the revised requirements.

    Consultation Materials

Recent Engagement Opportunities

  • B.C. Real Estate Organizations

    Learn more about our partner organizations established under the Real Estate Services Act

    Other Real Estate Organizations
  • Find Other Regulators

    Contact information and links to other related B.C. and Canadian regulatory bodies.

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