Pension Forms

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Prescribed Forms

Form 1 — Spouse’s Waiver to Permit UnlockingDownload
Form 2 — Spouse’s Waiver of 60% Lifetime Survivor BenefitDownload
Form 3 — Spouse’s Consent to Transfer to a LIFDownload
Form 4 — Spouse’s Waiver of Beneficiary Right To Benefits In A Pension Plan, Locked-In Retirement Account, Life Income Fund or Annuity Before Pension or Annuity Payments StartDownload
Form 5 — Administrator Statement of Compliance — Plan RegistrationDownload
Form 6 — Administrator Statement of Compliance — Amendment to Plan Text DocumentDownload
Form 7 — Administrator Statement of Compliance — Supporting Plan DocumentDownload
Schedule 1 — Locked-In Retirement Account — AddendumDownload
Schedule 2 — BC Life Income Fund — AddendumDownload

Fillable Forms

Application for Registration of a Pension PlanDownload
Application for Registration of an Amendment to a Pension PlanDownload
Application of Amendment to a Supporting Plan DocumentDownload
Schedule of Expected ContributionsDownload
Notice of Unremitted Contributions or Contributions Less than ExpectedDownload
Application for Inclusion on a List of Acknowledged Financial InstitutionsDownload
Application to Unlock and Withdraw B.C. Funds Due to Financial Hardship for 2024Download