Pension Plans


The BCFSA has adopted FICOM forms, bulletins, and guidance that were in force on October 31, 2019 for use as of November 1, 2019. These forms and advisory materials are valid until repealed or replaced.
Release Date    Subject
Sept 2017

Records Retention Guideline


June 2016

Non-Compliant Filings Administrative Penalty Guideline


Information Bulletins

Release Date    Subject
May 2020 Bulletin 20-004
COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions (UPDATED)
April 2020 Bulletin 20-003
CIA Standards of Practice Section 3500 - Revised Pension Commuted Values
Mar 2020 Bulletin 20-002
COVID-19: Relief Measures for Pension Plans in BC
Mar 2020 Bulletin 20-001
Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the new defined benefit funding requirements effective December 31, 2019
Dec 2019 Bulletin 19-005
New Pensions, Mortgage Broker, and Insurance Company Fee Structures
Dec 2019 Bulletin 19-004
Defined benefit funding requirements and related amendments
Nov 2019 Bulletin 19-003
Discontinuance of the Bank of Canada Series V122515
Sep 2019 Bulletin 19-002
E-Filing Systems and Communication Update
Feb 2019 Bulletin 19-001
Updated Extension of Solvency Deficiency Payment Period
Nov 2018 Bulletin 18-004
Disclosure of Solvency Deficiency for plans with Target Benefit components
Apr 2018 Bulletin 18-003
Audited Financial Statements
Feb 2018 Bulletin 18-002
Calculating Commuted Values for multijurisdictional formula based pension plans
Jan 2018 Bulletin 18-001
Termination Expense Assumption
Jan 2017 Bulletin 17-001
Transfer Options for Lump Sum Payment
Oct 2016 Bulletin 16-009
Extension of Solvency Deficiency Payment Period
Sep 2016 Bulletin 16-008
APR filing of Membership
Sep 2016 Bulletin 16-007
Filing of Notice of Termination of Plans
Aug 2016 Bulletin 16-006
Clarification of Union Consent Requirement for Target Benefit Plan Conversions
July 2016 Bulletin 16-005
Clarification of Triennial Plan Assessment Timeline
June 2016 Bulletin 16-004
Pension Plan Administration in the Event of a Postal Strike at Canada Post
June 2016 Bulletin 16-003
B.C. signs PRPP Agreement
June 2016 Bulletin 16-002
2016 Agreement Respecting Multi-Jurisdictional Pension Plans
Mar 2016 Bulletin 16-001
Guideline for Converting Plans from Defined Benefit to Targeted Benefit
Dec 2015 Bulletin 15-010
Extension of Amendment Filing Deadline
Dec 2015 Bulletin 15-009
Equities in a Target Benefit Provision
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-008
Submission of Amendments to a Plan Text Document
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-007
Changes to Actuarial Information Summary
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-006
Filing of Reports and Returns
Sept 2015
Bulletin 15-005
Life Income Fund Interest Rate and Withdrawal Calculations
May 2015
Bulletin 15-004
Administrative Information and Checklists
May 2015
Bulletin 15-003
Summary of Changes - Regulation
May 2015
Bulletin 15-002
Summary of Changes - Act
May 2015
Bulletin 15-001
New Pension Legislation Proclaimed
Sep 2014
Bulletin 14-004
Pension Unlocking Scams Update
Aug 2014
Bulletin 14-003
Providing Notice of Contribution Holidays
Jul 2014
Bulletin 14-002
Pension Unlocking Scams
Oct 2012
Bulletin 12-004
Restrictions to Commuted Value Transfers (Updated)
Oct 2012
Bulletin 12-003
Introducing the Actuarial Information Summary
Oct 2012
Bulletin 12-002
Filing Off-Cycle Actuarial Valuation Reports
Aug 2011
Bulletin 11-002
Updated Guidelines for Requests for Solvency Extensions for Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Nov 2010
Bulletin 10-006
Registration of Amendments as required under the Pension Benefits Standards Act (The "Act")
Aug 2010
Bulletin 10-004
Restrictions to Commuted Value Transfers
Aug 2010
Bulletin 10-003
Letters of Credit to Fund Solvency Deficiencies
Nov 2009
Bulletin 09-009
A Guide for the Registration of a Pension Plan in  British Columbia
Jul 2009
Bulletin 09-005
Transfer of Commuted Value from a DB Plan
Aug 2009
Bulletin 09-004
Reducing or Suspending Contributions to a Defined Contribution Plan
Nov 2008
Bulletin 08-004
Application for a Solvency Moratorium
Aug 2008
Bulletin 08-002
Solvency Deficiency Payments
Jun 2008
Bulletin 08-001
Fee Changes to British Columbia Registered Pension Plans

Archived Information Bulletins