Accountant's Reports

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Annual Accountant’s Report filings are due within 120 days of your brokerage’s fiscal year end.

How to Submit

  • Filing the Accountant’s Report

    1. Download the required forms below:
      1. Accountant’s Report Form OR Trust Account Declaration Form
      1. Brokerage Financial Information Filing
    2. Complete the required forms, ensuring that all bank accounts, including the general account(s) are listed. Save a copy of the required forms, including the required Review Engagement financial statements (or Compilation Engagement, if authorized) to your system.
    3. Log into IRIS.
    4. Upload the Accountant’s Report or Trust Account Declaration and financial statements to the Accountant’s Report Filings submission page.
    5. Upload the Brokerage Financial Filing to the Brokerage Financial Information Filing submission page.