Licensing Education

people sitting in chairs attending a class

In order to become a licensed real estate professional, you must first complete the mandatory education requirements.

The focus of the BCFSA licensing process is to ensure that candidates have demonstrated they possess the required entry-level competencies, in order to provide real estate services effectively and in the public interest.

Professional competence is achieved through a combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgment. Before registering for a licensing course or applying for a real estate licence, we strongly recommend that candidates review the information on these pages to ensure they are familiar with the requirements for licensing as a real estate professional in BC.

  • Real Estate Services Licensing Courses

    To become licensed to sell real estate, or to manage rental or strata properties in B.C., you must first complete a licensing course and examination. UBC offers the mandatory licensing courses on behalf of BCFSA.

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  • Applied Practice Courses

    Applicants for a licence to sell real estate must also complete an Applied Practice Course. The course focuses on building practical skills and on key regulatory requirements, such as agency, contracts and disclosures.