Managing Your Licence

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Maintaining your licence is an important part of being a real estate professional. This includes taking continuing education courses, renewing your licence every two years, or reinstating a licence, BCFSA has information to assist you.


  • Transferring Brokerages

    Moving to a new brokerage? Professionals can apply to transfer their licence between brokerages. Find out about processes and fees.

    Transferring a Licence
  • Reinstating a Licence

    Professionals who have left the industry during their two year licence cycle can apply to reinstate their licence within certain time limits and must apply for reinstatement.

    Reinstating a Licence
  • Personal Real Estate Corporations

    Personal real estate corporations allow real estate professionals to access the business advantages of incorporation. Learn more about how to apply for licensing.

    Personal Real Estate Corporation
  • Moving a Licence to B.C.

    Professionals licensed in some other provinces or US states can apply for licensing in BC without the need for pre-licensing education.

    Licensing Requirements in B.C.
  • Taking a Break

    Have you been thinking about surrendering your licence?

    Taking a Break
  • Relicensing

    Professionals who have been unlicensed for more than 90 days from their licence expiry and wish to become licensed again must apply for relicensing.

    Applying to Relicence
  • Surrendering an Individual Licence by a Managing Broker

    Managing Brokers may need to surrender the licence of an individual in their brokerage, such as when the individual transfers brokerages.

    Learn More
  • Additional Activities

    Please log in to IRIS to complete the following:

    • Team Name Request
    • Request for Individual Name Change
    • Request for Personal Real Estate Corporation Name Change
    • Surrender of a Personal Real Estate Corporation Licence
    • Request for Licensing History

Brokerages and Teams

  • Licensing a Brokerage or Branch Office

    Opening a brokerage is a multi-step process. You’ll find information and step-by-step instructions for licensing a brokerage.

    Brokerage Licensing
  • Surrendering a Brokerage or Branch Office Licence

    Brokerages or branch offices which are winding up are required to surrender their licences.

    Surrendering a Licence
  • Real Estate Teams

    Find information on registering a team, team name guidelines, advertising information, and more.

    Real Estate Teams
  • Additional Activities

    Please log in to IRIS to complete the following:

    • Request for Brokerage Name Approval
    • Request for Brokerage Name Change
    • Request for Brokerage or Branch Office Address Change
    • Apply as a New Director or Officer
  • Renewing Your Licence

    Real Estate Professionals are required to renew their licence every two years. Learn more about the licence renewal process, including what is required for renewal.

    Renewing Your Licence
  • Continuing Education

    Real Estate Professionals are required to complete continuing education courses every two years as a part of their licensing cycle.

    Continuing Education
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