Managing Your Licence

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Maintaining your licence is an important part of being a real estate professional. This includes taking continuing education courses, renewing your licence every two years, or reinstating a licence, BCFSA has information to assist you.


  • Transferring Brokerages

    Moving to a new brokerage? Professionals can apply to transfer their licence between brokerages. Find out about processes and fees.

    BC43: Transferring a License
  • Reinstating a Licence

    Professionals who have left the industry during their two year licence cycle can apply to reinstate their licence within certain time limits and must apply for reinstatement.

    BC42: Reinstating a License
  • Personal Real Estate Corporations

    Personal real estate corporations allow real estate professionals to access the business advantages of incorporation. Learn more about how to apply for licensing.

    BC45: Personal Real Estate Corporation
  • Moving a Licence to B.C.

    Professionals licensed in some other provinces or US states can apply for licensing in BC without the need for pre-licensing education.

    BC44: Moving a License to B.C.
  • Taking a Break

    Have you been thinking about surrendering your licence?

    Taking a Break
  • Relicensing

    Professionals who have been unlicensed for more than 90 days from their licence expiry and wish to become licensed again must apply for relicensing.

    Applying to Relicence
  • Surrendering an Individual Licence by a Managing Broker

    Managing Brokers may need to surrender the licence of an individual in their brokerage, such as when the individual transfers brokerages.

    Learn More
  • Additional Activities

    Please log in to IRIS to complete the following:

    • Team Name Request
    • Request for Individual Name Change
    • Request for Personal Real Estate Corporation Name Change
    • Surrender of a Personal Real Estate Corporation Licence
    • Request for Licensing History

Brokerages and Teams

  • Licensing a Brokerage or Branch Office

    Opening a brokerage is a multi-step process. You’ll find information and step-by-step instructions for licensing a brokerage.

    Brokerage Licensing
  • Surrendering a Brokerage or Branch Office Licence

    Brokerages or branch offices which are winding up are required to surrender their licences.

    Surrendering a Licence
  • Real Estate Teams

    Find information on registering a team, team name guidelines, advertising information, and more.

    Real Estate Teams
  • Additional Activities

    Please log in to IRIS to complete the following:

    • Request for Brokerage Name Approval
    • Request for Brokerage Name Change
    • Request for Brokerage or Branch Office Address Change
    • Apply as a New Director or Officer
  • Renewing Your Licence

    Real Estate Professionals are required to renew their licence every two years. Learn more about the licence renewal process, including what is required for renewal.

    BC32: Renewing Your License
  • Continuing Education

    Real Estate Professionals are required to complete continuing education courses every two years as a part of their licensing cycle.

    Continuing Education
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