Licensing Fees

In order to gain and maintain your professional status, you must pay for licensing. Find the fees for an individual, brokerage or Personal Real Estate Corporation licence.

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BCFSA’s licensing fees enable us to protect consumers by enforcing the Real Estate Services Act and educating, licensing, auditing, investigating and disciplining real estate professionals.

Licence fees can be paid by Mastercard, VISA or American Express in the IRIS portal. We do not accept licensing fees by cheque or cash.

Licence fees and Compensations Fund assessments are not refundable after licence issuance. If the licence is surrendered in the first year of the two-year licensing period, a refund of the second-year errors and omissions insurance premium is available. If an application is withdrawn for any reason prior to licence issuance, the application fee will not be refunded.

Individual Licence Fees

Please be sure to review the tables below carefully. As of April 1, 2023 there is no Real Estate Compensation Fund Corporation contribution required for all licensees.

Type of ApplicationFee
First-Time Licensing Application$1,630
Re-licensing Application (unlicensed for more than 90 days from licence expiry)$1,630
Individual Renewal Application$1,580
Individual Late Renewal (unlicensed less than 90 days from licence expiry)$1,630
Personal Real Estate Corporation Renewal Application$950
Personal Real Estate Corporation Late Renewal$1,000
Licence Transfer or Reinstatement Application$250
Change of Licence Level or Category$250
Secondary Managing Broker Licence Application$1,000
Secondary Managing Broker Licence Renewal$950
Name Change$50

Brokerage Licence Fees

Type of ApplicationFee
Initial Licensing Application — Brokerage$1,630
Initial Licensing Application — Branch Office$1,000
Initial Licensing Application — Sole Proprietor (Please contact BCFSA for information about licensing as a sole proprietor.)$1,630
Licence Renewal Application — Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor$1,580
Licence Renewal Application — Branch Office$950
Change of Licence Level or Category$250
Name or Address Change$50

Personal Real Estate Corporation First Time Fee Table

Full Months*Fee**

* Number of full months between application submission date and the expiry date of the controlling individual’s licence.

A $50 application fee will also be applied for the amendment of your individual licence.

  • Understanding the Fee

    The fee for your personal real estate corporation licence depends on the expiry date of your individual licence. You can find the expiry date by using the Find a Professional Search. Then calculate the number of full months between the date you submitted the personal real estate corporation application and the expiry date of your individual licence.

    For example, if you submit a personal real estate licence application on January 8, 2022 and your individual licence will expire on November 29, 2022, the fees would be calculated from January 8 - November 8 (10 months). There is no payment required for the partial month between November 8 and November 29.

    The applicable pro-rated fee will be calculated during the payment step in the IRIS portal during the submission of your application.

  • Expiry Date

    The expiry date of the personal real estate corporation licence must match the expiry date of your individual licence. We will pro-rate the fees for your personal real estate corporation based on the number of months between the application submission date of your personal real estate corporation licence and the expiry date of your individual licence.

    Fees are charged for full months only.

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