Reinstating a Licence

a hand holding a tablet showing a form on the screen

If you have been unlicensed for more than 90 days, but your licence has not yet expired, you can apply to have your licence reinstated. A $250 reinstatement fee will apply.

Here Are the Steps to Follow:

Step 1

Submit an Application for Representative, Associate Broker or Managing Broker licence form.

Submit a copy of a piece of valid, government-issued photo identification along with your licence application. Check the photo identification requirements.

Find the Application Form

Step 2

Submit the appropriate fee.

Step 3

Submit an original criminal record check from the applicant’s local police agency and submit it along with the licence application to BCFSA. See the Criminal Record Check page for detailed information.

An additional errors and omissions insurance assessment may be required if a refund of the insurance assessment has been made.