Reinstating a Licence

a hand holding a tablet showing a form on the screen

If you have been unlicensed for more than 90 days, but your licence has not yet expired, you can apply to have your licence reinstated. A $250 reinstatement fee will apply. Follow the steps below.

If you are unsure as to whether you are still within your requalification period and eligible to reapply for licensing, review the policy in our FAQ’s here.

  1. Sign up or login to the IRIS Portal to begin your online reinstatement application.
  2. After you have logged into the portal, select “New Submissions” at the top of the page. Choose “Application for licence reinstatement (inoperative more than 90 days within a licence period)” in the selection of applications available. Follow the instructions to complete the online application.
  3. Upload any supporting documentation required. The following documentation is required by all reinstatement applicants unlicensed for more than 90 days:
    • A copy of a piece of valid, government-issued photo identification. Check the photo identification requirements
    • A criminal record check current within the 90 days preceding your submission. If you obtained your criminal record check via the Triton link on the BCFSA website you will be prompted to indicate that in the requirements step in your submission. If you obtained your criminal record check from your local police or RCMP detachment you must upload a copy of the criminal record check document. We do not require the original criminal record check to be forwarded to BCFSA’s office.

      You will also need supporting documentation if:
    • You are making a Legal Name change; and/or
    • You need to support your answers to questions in the Reputation and Suitability section of the application.
  4. Have your reinstatement application review and approved by your intended managing broker. Once you have completed the online application, you and your intended managing broker will receive an email prompting the managing broker to approve your application in the Portal.

Review and Approval

BCFSA’s licensing staff will review your application. If it is complete and satisfactory, your licence will be reinstated. You and your managing broker will receive an email notification on the date of issuance advising that your licence has been reinstated.

Please note that an additional errors and omissions insurance assessment may be required if a refund of the insurance assessment has been made.