Transferring a Licence

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You may transfer your licence to another brokerage at any time. The cost of transferring your licence during the two-year licence period is $250. If you change brokerages at the time of licence renewal, there is no additional cost.

Individuals who are currently licensed and who wish to change employing brokerages or who have been unlicensed for less than 90 days within a licence period should follow the steps below.

  1. Sign up or login to the IRIS Portal to begin your online transfer.
  2. After you have logged into the portal, select “New Submissions” at the top of the page. Choose “Application for licence transfer (currently licensed or inoperative less than 90 days within a licence period)” in the selection of applications available. Follow the instructions to complete the online application.
  3. Upload any supporting documentation required. You will need supporting documentation if:
    • You are making a Legal Name change; and/or
    • You need to support your answers to questions in the Reputation and Suitability section of the application.
  4. Have your transfer reviewed and approved by your intended managing broker. Once you have completed the online application, you and your intended managing broker will receive an email prompting the managing broker to approve your application in the Portal.

Review and Approval

BCFSA’s licensing staff will review your application. If it is complete and satisfactory, your licence will be transferred. You and your managing broker will receive an email notification on the date of issuance advising that your licence has been transferred.

Guide to Surrendering a Licence for Managing Brokers

Managing brokers who have been notified to surrender a licence can find more information in our guide:

How to Surrender a Licence
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