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The Registrar of Mortgage Brokers protects the public and enhances mortgage broker industry integrity by enforcing mortgage broker suitability requirements and reducing and preventing market misconduct under the Mortgage Brokers Act and Regulations.

To learn about BCFSA’s processes for handling complaints and inquiries related to matters within our authority, please review the information on this page.

  • Our primary responsibility is to ensure compliance to the Mortgage Brokers Act and Regulations.

    We do not generally get involved in individual disputes about business decisions, claim disputes, service quality, legal, civil, and/or contractual matters.

  • The Registrar of Mortgage Brokers is responsible for protecting the public and enhancing the Mortgage Broker industry integrity by enforcing Mortgage Broker suitability requirements and reducing and preventing market misconduct under the Mortgage Brokers Act and Regulations.

    • View the activities that require registration as a Mortgage Broker.
    • Consumers are encouraged to ensure their Mortgage Broker and its representative are registered by referring to our list of registrants. Please contact our office if your Mortgage Broker or representative is not on our list.

    Additional information:

    • Review your mortgage risks and responsibilities.
    • Working with a Mortgage Broker.
    • Familiarize yourself with Mortgage Brokers obligations on the industry page.
  • If your concern involves any legal matter you should consider obtaining legal advice. You can contact the Lawyer Referral Service of the B.C. branch of the Canadian Bar Association at (604) 687-3221 or toll free at (800) 663-1919.

  • In order to address your complaint some or all of the details may be sent to the Mortgage Broker, upon receiving your consent. This allows the Mortgage Broker the opportunity to provide a complete response to the complaint for our review.

    Allegations of any sort of misconduct should be accompanied by some evidence to allow us to begin an inquiry. If such evidence cannot be provided, our ability to conduct any type of review of the matter may be limited.

    Please note that the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Information Act applies to BCFSA records and information.

  • If a complaint involves an issue that is about a registered Mortgage Broker, but is a matter which does not generally fall within our authority, you can still submit it. You will receive correspondence acknowledging we have received it, but no inquiry will be conducted.

    The complaint will be logged and kept in our files. These complaints help to identify trends which we may bring to the attention of the Mortgage Broker or industry involved in order to rectify problems voluntarily. If BCFSA considers it appropriate, orders and penalties may also be considered.

  • File a Complaint Online

    Please complete the BCFSA Mortgage Broker Complaint Form. If you have any supporting documents please upload along with your complaint form.

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