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BCFSA protects the public by holding those working in real estate services to the highest standards of practice. When an individual makes a complaint about a real estate licensee, BCFSA may investigate and take disciplinary action if it is necessary.

We license, educate, and hold individuals and companies working in the real estate sector accountable. This includes all real estate licensees, which you might know as real estate agents, real estate brokers, property managers, or strata managers. BCFSA can also investigate and take action if an unlicensed person or company is performing real estate activities that do require a licence in B.C.

Can BCFSA Investigate My Complaint?

Many complaints cannot be investigated because they are submitted with incomplete information or do not fall within the type of complaints BCFSA has the authority to investigate. This can lead to disappointment for the person making the complaint.

BCFSA can investigate any complaints involving a breach of the Real Estate Services Act, the Real Estate Services Regulation or the Real Estate Services Rules.

If it does not fall within the scope of the Real Estate Services Act, the Real Estate Services Regulation, or the Real Estate Services Rules, you may wish to contact another regulatory body.

  • BCFSA cannot investigate:

    • Disputes about commissions between licensees or between a consumer and a licensee;
    • Contractual matters;
    • Issues for which you are seeking monetary damages;
    • Landlord/tenant matters;
    • Criminal matters; or
    • Matters related to the decisions of a strata council.
    What if my complaint does not fall within BCFSA jurisdiction?
  • BCFSA Can Investigate

    Some examples of matters that BCFSA can investigate include:

    • Mishandling of deposits;
    • Misrepresentation;
    • Fraudulent activity;
    • Misleading Advertising;
    • Not acting in the best interest of the client;
    • Acting outside the scope of authority given by a client;
    • Unlicensed real estate activity;
    • Improper real estate developer disclosure and misconduct; or
    • Conflicts of interest.

    If your complaint falls within one of these categories, proceed to the next step.

  • I’m Still Not Sure if My Complaint is a Matter that Can be Resolved by BCFSA

    If you have questions about the duties and obligations of real estate professionals, and are wondering if you should file a complaint with the BCFSA, you can contact BCFSA’s Practice Standards Advisors.

    Learn More about Practice Standards Advisors
  • File a Complaint: Next Steps

    If you have determined that your complaint falls within the scope of BCFSA’s authority to investigate, continue to the following page for the next steps.

    File a Real Estate Complaint
  • Make an Anonymous Tip

    While more detailed complaints where BCFSA can follow up with the complainant are more likely to result in action than anonymous tips, you can still submit a tip anonymously.

    Submit an Anonymous Complaint
  • Contact Us

    Practice Standards Advisors are available to answer questions from members of the public who may be concerned about the conduct of a real estate professional.

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